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 Mathematics and Its History" (3rd edition)

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PostSubject: Mathematics and Its History" (3rd edition)   Sat Mar 12, 2011 10:55 pm

ohn Stillwell, "Mathematics and Its History" (3rd edition)
Publisher: Springer | ISBN: 144196052X | edition 2010 | PDF | 660 pages | 5.7 mb

"The author’s goal for Mathematics and its History is to provide a “bird’s-eye view of undergraduate mathematics.” (p. vii) In that regard it succeeds admirably. ... Mathematics and its History is a joy to read. The writing is clear, concise and inviting. The style is very different from a traditional text. ... The author has done a wonderful job of tying together the dominant themes of undergraduate mathematics. ... While Stillwell does a wonderful job of tying together seemingly unrelated areas of mathematics, it is possible to read each chapter independently. I would recommend this fine book for anyone who has an interest in the history of mathematics. For those who teach mathematics, it provides lots of information which could easily be used to enrich an opening lecture in most any undergraduate course. It would be an ideal gift for a department’s outstanding major or for the math club president. Pick it up at your peril — it is hard to put down!"

(Richard Wilders, MAA Reviews)
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PostSubject: Re: Mathematics and Its History" (3rd edition)   Tue Jun 07, 2011 2:34 am

thank u
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Mathematics and Its History" (3rd edition)
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