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 Contemporary Combinatorics by Béla Bollobás

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PostSubject: Contemporary Combinatorics by Béla Bollobás   Thu Jun 16, 2011 2:03 pm

Béla Bollobás
Publisher: Springer; 1 edition (July 2, 2002) | ISBN: 3540427252 | Pages: 302 | PDF | 19.24 MB
This volume is a collection of survey papers in combinatorics that have
grown out of lectures given in the workshop on Probabilistic
Combinatorics at the Paul Erdös Summer Research Center in Mathematics in
Budapest. The papers, reflecting the many facets of modern-day
combinatorics, will be appreciated by specialists and general
mathematicians alike: assuming relatively little background, each paper
gives a quick introduction to an active area, enabling the reader to
learn about the fundamental results and appreciate some of the latest
developments. An important feature of the articles, very much in the
spirit of Erdös, is the abundance of open problems.

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Contemporary Combinatorics by Béla Bollobás
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